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Flood Insurance

Flood insurance is one of those insurance options that you may not instantly think of when insuring your property, and yet it is one of the most important to consider. This is because flooding is something that can happen at any time of the year in Indiana or Ohio. Whether you've lived here your entire life, or you are a newer resident, you've probably come across friends and family who have had flooding around their home.

Whether it is from a heavy rain, a large amount of snow that melts quickly, or even a burst pipe from a cold winter, there are all kinds of variables at play when it comes to flooding. And flooding can quickly become expensive to repair. It isn't as simple as removing the water. It also requires anything that might develop mold to be removed and replaced. Add on top of this any damage to items you own in the house and you can see how expensive this might become. Here at Scott Lynch Agency, we want to do whatever we can to make sure you're properly insured, and this includes flood insurance.

Look Further into Flood Insurance Today

Flood insurance is always something we recommend to our homeowners. While it is not a requirement for owning your home, flooding is a very real issue here in Indiana and Ohio and it is something that can happen to both new and old properties. You may not even realize you are at risk and then, one morning, you walk down into the basement and your foot is ankle deep in water. The only worse thing is realizing you don't have insurance to cover this kind of damage. Instead of hoping it never happens to you, our team here at Scott Lynch Agency wants to protect you and your property. So, whether it is from a burst pipe, water used by the fire department to put out the fire, or any other kind of issue, let our staff help protect you and your home today.