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Boat/Watercraft Insurance

Owning a boat allows you to enjoy the water, but it definitely comes with risks, much like driving a car. This is why we are here to help at Scott Lynch Agency. Insurance coverage is a must-have to protect your investment while you are enjoying the waters and while it is parked at a marina. Anything can happen, and it can cost a ton of money to repair damages or, even more, replace your watercraft. We serve all boat owners in the state of Indiana.

Boat/Watercraft Requirements

Ports and marinas may require you to obtain liability coverage before accessing their facilities. In general, the state of Indiana does not require boat owners to get insurance. Lenders may also require you to purchase insurance to protect your boat if you used the financing to buy it. Regardless, it is still highly recommended to protect your watercraft even if you do not fall under any of the above obligations.

Coverage Options

Here is what boat and watercraft insurance covers:

  • Physical damage - Physical damage falls under comprehensive and collision coverage. These both can protect your boat against a variety of damages. These may include damages caused by a boating accident with another boat, fire, theft, and even vandalism.
  • Medical payments - If necessary, following a boating accident, it is imperative that you and your passengers get medical attention no matter who is at fault. This coverage will help cover your medical bills' costs depending on the limits you have on your coverage.
  • Uninsured boater - If another uninsured boater ever injures you, this coverage can help cover any losses you may endure.
  • Liability - This coverage can cover legal fees if someone brings a judgment against you following a boating accident that results in property damages and or injuries.


The best way to obtain a quote through us is by visiting our Scott Lynch Agency office or calling us at (317) 886-0081 or (513) 275-6494. We are located in Greenwood, Indiana and ready to help you. We serve all of Indiana and Ohio.